CIFA is has the widest range of products for concrete of the market including batching and recycling plants which have always been part of its DNA. 

The FiveTech and Recycling ranges are the perfect synthesis of innovative technology and smart solutions which reinvet the the way of thinking to the production of Readymix concrete both wet or dry. A high value program both for the technological content, for the performances but, above all, for the value for the end user.  

FiveTech series do include a complete offer of configurations, all with great modularity and high construction quality and with particular focus on the transportability and the easy installation with minimum foundations.  

The horizontal twin-shaft mixers and the control systems, precise and automatic; assure a process both reliable and repeatable, guarantee of a high quality mix that now is also fully traced with the remote control system CIFA VISTA. 

The CIFA Recycling range is the perfect completion of the batching plant Series which is sophisticated but simple to use. With the CIFA WASH and AQUATECH systems it is possible to keep all the machines, such as Truck Mixers or Truck Pumps, clean and efficient; plus retrieve the aggregate and the slurry water thanks to a filter-press that purifies it and put it back in the production cicle. This is for sure the best way to increase sustainability and optimize the use of primary resources.